Custom Doggy Bandana
Custom Doggy Bandana
Custom Doggy Bandana
Custom Doggy Bandana
Custom Doggy Bandana
Custom Doggy Bandana
Custom Doggy Bandana
Australian shepherd featuring a royal maroon Shop After Rain doggy bandana.

Custom Doggy Bandana

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This doggy bandana is dedicated to my beautiful Australian Shepherd named Kissy who recently passed away due to cancer. Almost all of us know somebody who has fought a battle or is currently fighting a battle against cancer right now. Fifty percent of dogs over the age of 10 develop cancer at some point. An estimated 6 million dogs will be diagnosed with cancer every year. Canine cancer is a devastating disease, and we want to help, not only Kissy, but every other dog that is suffering from this horrible disease.

These doggy bandanas come in all the colors we have available, and come in sizes from XS-XL. You can also customize your bandana to write your furry friend's name on it! Simply pass their collar through the slit in the bandana, and they are set! If you buy a scrunchie or a headband, you and your dog could now have matching accessories!


The best part yet, is that all of the proceeds will go towards a local rescue (to be determined). Help us make a difference in the lives of our beloved companions. By buying a doggy bandana, you are not only getting a cute accessory for your dog, but you are helping countless other dogs around the world.


Please note that the black leopard & dalmatian prints are not eco-friendly!



To determine the size that is right for your pooch, measure the length of your dog’s collar and divide by 2.


Bandana Width

Our swimwear is hand-sewn with the sustainable ECONYL® regenerated nylon fabric. ECONYL® fabric is made from ocean waste, such as ghost fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring & industrial plastic. This waste is then sorted and cleaned to recover all the nylon possible. The best part is that the nylon is recycled back to its original purity, so the regenerated nylon is exactly the same as virgin nylon!


The fabric boasts many impressive qualities, such as:

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This fabric is also moisture-wicking, meaning that any moisture will be absorbed by fabric's yarns, instead of moving through the fabric. This will prevent sweat stains from forming on your swimwear! 

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