About Us

The Shop after rain team

Shop After Rain is a Montréal based online shop founded in 2020 that produces high quality eco-friendly handmade swimwear and athleisure. Our shop is run by myself, Shania, an ambitious girl with a passion, and my boyfriend Patrick. The whole process, from creating the patterns, cutting the fabrics, printing our labels, sewing the products, and packaging the orders is done ENTIRELY from our homes. We make sure every last one of your pieces is of top quality!

From a young age, I have always found different ways to express my creativity. Combining that with my dream of creating something that is my own, and Patrick's background in Computer Science, we founded the perfect concept: Shop After Rain.

our inspiration

We wanted to create a line of products that not only tailored to everybody, but that would make everybody who buys & wears our products feel AMAZING. We are trying to help make an impact in the retail industry by creating a more inclusive and inviting environment for everybody. This is part of our core values.

We also wanted to make a difference in the realm of sustainability. Many mainstream companies are still not practicing sustainable measures, and this is heavily impacting the world. We feel that every company has an obligation towards becoming more sustainable, as it matters for the future of our species.

The name After Rain comes from the mentality that "Even after the worst storms, the sun will shine again." Even through difficult times, there will always be better days to come. We hope that our clothing will bring you this elusive ray of sunshine when worn as it does for us.

our products

Our products will have you looking and feeling your best. These handcrafted gems are made to fit everyone and every body.

Our eco-friendly activewear is not only great for those who are into sports and lifting, but also for those who are just looking for more of an athleisure style. The fabric we use for our athleisure is made with performance in mind. It is extremely soft and it boasts excellent recovery power and perfect muscular compression aimed at decreasing the production of lactic acid, thus boosting a faster recovery of energy. The fabric is made in Italy and is composed of 78% regenerated nylon and 22% spandex.

The intended goal of our swimwear is to make you feel comfortable with your body, no matter your shape. We want every girl that wears our suits to shine, both inside and out. Our swimwear fabric is also made in Italy and is composed of 78% regenerated nylon and 22% spandex. All our suits are lined with self swimwear fabric (the same fabric as the exterior). This ensures that your suit will not be see through when wet, and will also improve the overall quality & lifespan of the suit, allowing you to go on numerous adventures with it!